My historical journey

This page focuses on my new project: my board game journey through history.

I talk a little bit about this projekt in this video.

The basic idea is simply that I wanna replay history. I wanna go into grand scale strategy games, possibly with the focus not only on warfare, but also on political, technological and cultural aspects.

I wanna do this in a chronological order…for now, I only own a few of these type of games, but hey, another way to support the gaming industry. If you have some ideas, let me know!









  • Timothy Bowden says:

    Hi Johannes
    Before you leave the ancient world, you should look at Pericles from GMT Games. A very enjoyable solo game! Great strategy flow charts to guide the other factions (you play as one faction from Athens or Sparta, with the system taking care of both enemy factions and your rival ‘home team’ faction).

  • Scott says:

    Just watched your solitaire system video–great job.

  • Cindy says:

    Amazing historical feats- keep it up ! Very entertaining and great inspiration, Johannes -looking forward to decades of tabletop gaming

  • Mike says:

    This is an excellent series! For a later age period the game ‘Brittania’ is quite interesting – showing the various tribes and peoples who invaded Britain from pre- Roman days through to the Norman Conquest.

  • Jim Lederer says:

    Hi Johannes,

    Looking forward to Europa Universalis. I’ve tried to play the PC game but never got far with it. Calendale tackled it but he doesn’t really show himself playing the turns, he tells you what happened after the fact and that isn’t as fun for me to watch.

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Yes, I´ve seen his playthrough and it captured me quite a bit. But I agree, I would have enjoyed it even more if I could see him playing a little more…

  • mrBirk says:

    “You have done a man’s job, sir!”

    Just watched the last 7 Ages video. What a journey! And what a patience you have.
    I must admit I probably skipped a civilise-action here and there 😉 but it was great to see how the game evolved.

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Thanks a lot…sorry for the late answer!
      I´m really happy you stayed with me all the time. You right, I went too much into detail, but I´ve learned from it, and in future monster games, I´m gonna focus more on the big picture…

  • Leobyn says:

    This is a great idea! I spotted a game at my local hobby shop that might fit into the prehistoric category. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name right now, but I plan to visit the shop soon and will post again with the name of it.

    It is a rather obscure game that I am not even sure is any good. Perhaps I’ll pick it up and give it a try. If I find it interesting I’ll let you know all about it and you might want to fit it into your project. I would be happy to get it to you. It’s the least I could do for all the entertainment and knowledge about board games you’ve given to me!

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