If you follow my YouTube channel,  you’ll know that I usually do not reveal too much about myself. The reason is that I want the focus on the games. That’s what my channel is about.  With this webpage, it’s a little different: I wanna share my daily gaming experience with you and in this way also a part of my private life. So I also want to let you know a little more about myself.


My name is Johannes and I was born on the 21st of December 1973 in Augsburg in the south of Germany.  At the age of twenty,  I moved to Berlin to study history of arts, philosophy and archeology. In this way I gained a lot of completely useless knowledge and ended up as a guard in the Jewish Museum Berlin.  The job is okay,  without too much responsibility and trouble, but the salary is low. That’s the reason why I share my apartment in Kreuzberg with two other flatmates.

I loved playing board games since I was a little child. Because I was the only child,  I played a lot solo. At that time, solitaire games were pretty rare, so I played different players all by myself.  Games like Monopoly, Risk, Scotland Yard. . I played them all solo. I even changed places, if it was the next player’s turn.

In the early eighties,  role playing games and adventure board games eventually entered the german market.  I discovered Talisman and Dungeonquest and was absolutely blown away.  I played these games for countless hours.

When I got older, board gaming wasn’t “cool” anymore. ..Some people did still role playing games,  but nobody of my friends was in board gaming, so that seemed like the end of the story.

The only game I kept playing all through the years was chess,  and I dare to say, I’m a pretty good player.

So the years passed by, and with a few exceptions of casual gaming (Settlers of Catan,  Carcassonne), I didn’t roll a die anymore.  But then, in my mid thirties,  my eyes where caught by three games. These games were the beginning of my second gaming career: Space Hulk, Zombies!!! and Arkham Horror. I immediately fell in love with the hobby again and realised that I rediscovered something that I was looking for many years without knowing how badly I was missing it.

My collection was growing rapidly as I discovered Boardgamegeek as an unbelievable valuable source for absolutely everything concerning boardgaming.

Inspired by calandales‘ fabulous playthrough videos, after a few years,  I decided to start my own YouTube channel,  focusing completely on solo gaming.

What I loved most about my YouTube experience was the feedback of all you people out there, and I realised what a great community there is.

As written above, this page was now created to share my everyday gaming experience with you and I hope that it will give us the opportunity to an even more regular contact.


If you wanna send me a private message,  you may contact me on BGG or YouTube.


  • John Kranz says:

    As you are a top content contributor promoting the hobby, I wanted to let you know that CSW is preparing to launch (beta) a new service, CSW Live! This is one of our new initiatives to help foster growth of viewership for the top wargame channels.

    This new service curates and promotes all hobby-related broadcasts on a monthly basis. Think of it as a TV Guide of sorts (with a few bells and whistles thrown in).

    I am preparing more info that includes a simple google form to submit any upcoming broadcasts for May 2021, as well as a brief video message to help introduce CSW Live! I’m also happy to schedule a zoom call with you. It would be terrific to add your content to our video guide. I expect content will be sparse as we launch our beta, but the goal is to grow it over time. Your content will be a key driver for user adoption and success during our beta launch.

    I will share more soon, but just wanted to let you know that CSW is hard at work behind the scenes as we have several new services planned for this year (like the new CSW Community we recently launched). Now we are focusing our efforts to help promote content creator efforts that further evangelize our hobby.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration, and I look forward to following up soon!


    P.S. Sorry, I don’t have your email address.

  • john says:

    Do you have the board game This War Of Mine? If you do could you do a play through?
    Also, if you could play 7Ages again, that would be great. Its cause of you that I got the game. Unfortunately I don’t have a place to play it.
    Thanks for all the reviews.

  • MIke says:

    Deeply appreciate your play through of Pax Romana – thank you, it helped me a great deal! I started out decades ago with Avalon Hill and SPI and then TSR. Didn’t play them again until recently when I started teaching my kids (14 and 9). Pax Romana was by the far the most ambitious game to date and I found some it tricky to remember and properly apply on my own.

    Keep the play throughs coming! Any chance you will do one for SPQR?

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