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  • Julian says:

    I would be interested why you are selling your copy od deep madness. I see it was on your radar at some point, and I am looking forward for the second kickstarter myself.

  • Walter Miller says:

    You should checkout and do a playthrough of Folklore the Affliction. I think youd love this as a solo gamer! I know i do!

  • Walter Miller says:

    I love Runebound and Talisman!
    Ive never seen a playthrough of some of the small expansions, like Sceptor of Kyros or The Catacylsm in runebound though and would be very interested in a playthrough and any house rules you use!
    Talisman id love to see a playthrough of Catacylsm or frostmarch to decide if i want to spend the funds ro pirchase those. Ty for sharing your playthroughs!

  • Anonymous says:

    Are you not interested in Mistfall anymore?

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