Chainsaw Warrior



Before you read about the game, take a look at the cover art and enjoy! This is so amazing….this alone would be worth the money I paid for the game.

The story takes place in New York. A powerful demon brings horror to the city. It’s time for the Chainsaw Warrior to enter the building where the source of evil is located and to save the city. There’s not much time left…

The first thing you do in this game is randomly generating a warrior by rolling for different abilities. You can also draw some equipment cards  The gameplay is really simple. You move from one room of the house to another simply by working yourself through two piles of cards. In the second pile, somewhere you’ll find the demon Darkness. Each turn you draw a card and resolve it. If you´re lucky, the room is empty. Mostly you’ll face an attack though, very often from zombies, sometimes from more exotic creatures…

In some rooms, you’ll have to overcome traps and other obstacles. Eventually you might find Darkness and have a big showdown.

Although the game is mostly dice rolling and only little decisions can be made, I love it. It’ s fast, intense and the art is in the best 80’s Games Workshop tradition. Great game!

A playthrough is here and I also wrote a session report.






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