Talisman Variants

4th Edition:

Because I like to be the extra boards to stay a special attraction, I changed the rules about moving between them a little:

There is no direct way from the main board to the other boards. The only way to get there is due to adventure cards. This could be i.e the Dungeon Entrance, the Landslide or the Warp Gate. You can also move through Runegates: They will teleport you (as written on the card) to the Runes or to another Runegate, but you can also decide to move to a random starting point of another board. This also works between outer boards.

The City board works a little different: Anytime a player lands on the City space of the main board, you roll a d8: on a 7,8, the city opens its gates, and the city board can be entered from now on as written in the rules. Of course the City space of the main board can be visited as normal all the time.

To make it a little more interesting, I introduced opening hours for the city´s locations.

As soon as the City opens its gates, roll a d6 for each shop:

1: Closed

2,3 : open 24 hours

4-6: if Rogues Guild, Soothsayer, Magic Emporum, Sorcerer, then open only at night

if Stables, Menagerie, Armory, Apothecary, then open only at daytime

Academy and High Temple:

1,2 : open 24 hours

3,4 :open at daytime

5,6: open at nighttime

I usually use fate tokens to indicate the openings hours: gold for day, silver for night.







  • Really enjoy your playthroughs! I absolutely love the way you explain things throughly, read and show the various cards and say outloud your thoughts and decisions. Very awesome man.
    I have a few questions if you dont mind:
    1) how did you get the darklands expansion? I mean, if you printed it out, what type of printer did you use and how did you make the gaming board?
    2) do you own the Catacylsm expansion? And if so, would you mind doing a playthrough of it. I tend to learn more as i watch it being played.
    3) do you simply mix all the adventure cards and spells from every expansion into your “base” deck or no?

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