Robinson Crusoe


Robinson Crusoe

In Robinson Crusoe, as you might guess, players are stranded on a remote island. There are six scenarios wich all play quite differently. The main challenge is, of course, to survive. To do this, you will explore the island, collect food and wood, build a camp, weapons and other items or go hunting. Two actions per turn are available for each player. At the end of the turn, there´ll be the night phase when you have to consume food or depending on the roll of the weather dice, you need some good protection against rain or snow. If not enough food or shelter is available, you´ll lose health and moral. Lots of event cards add much to the narrative element wich is really strong in this game…at least for a euro.

This game plays perfectly solo, because you´ll get help from Friday and a dog, both cahracters with limited options that you can control.

Components are fine, the art is nice too, but for some reason, I don´t see it as one of my really good games. Maybe it simply feels too euroish to me.

I do a playthrough here.









  • A lonesome Gamer says:

    Yes, I also had a few games with others and it was a nice experience, but it couldn’t really blow me away. Not sure why…

  • Finbar says:

    Oh man – i love this game, but then again, i’m a huge Euro fan. I have to say though that it is okay Solo, but it really shines with other folks playing. Last time i played, we were so close to winning, but then our explorer, who was very close to death, went on an adventure and had a fatal encounter with an enraged ape. The tough choices you have to make in this game are countless, and it’s so hard to win (at least for our group) that when you do, it feels so good! I think the game is set up so that there are often several things you can do that are all beneficial at the time, so it’s fun having other players there to make the decisions, talk about them, and go through it all together. Those things are all lost solo.

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