Archipelago Variants


I´m just trying to incorporate all developement cards into the solo game. Some are only useful for multiplayer, so I thought about the following changes:

Assassin: If you don´t buy this card and it is removed from play, roll a die: 1-3: A random character card is removed from your area. If you don´t have any character cards, nothing happens.

Spy: If activated, look at the next two cards from both sides.

There are other cards like the Queen or the Pirat. I´m trying to find some solutions for these too in future plays. If you have any ideas, please let me know.







  • Leobyn says:

    I recently played a short game with a friend of mine. We had fun but it went on a lot longer than anticipated and was not as much fun as the Solo game. I would really love to play a 3-4 player game of Archipelago. I think it would really shine with more players. I watched your video and I agree that you must think carefully and plan wisely. I think this is what makes the game fun for me, that and the beautiful tiles and components.

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      I fully agree! A friend recently suggested this to play two player, but I resisted…this should be played solo or with more people!

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