If you follow my YouTube channel,  you’ll know that I usually do not reveal too much about myself. The reason is that I want the focus on the games. That’s what my channel is about.  With this webpage, it’s a little different: I wanna share my daily gaming experience with you and in this way also a part of my private life. So I also want to let you know a little more about myself.


My name is Johannes and I was born on the 21st of December 1973 in Augsburg in the south of Germany.  At the age of twenty,  I moved to Berlin to study history of arts, philosophy and archeology. In this way I gained a lot of completely useless knowledge and ended up as a guard in the Jewish Museum Berlin.  The job is okay,  without too much responsibility and trouble, but the salary is low. That’s the reason why I share my apartment in Kreuzberg with two other flatmates.

I loved playing board games since I was a little child. Because I was the only child,  I played a lot solo. At that time, solitaire games were pretty rare, so I played different players all by myself.  Games like Monopoly, Risk, Scotland Yard. . I played them all solo. I even changed places, if it was the next player’s turn.

In the early eighties,  role playing games and adventure board games eventually entered the german market.  I discovered Talisman and Dungeonquest and was absolutely blown away.  I played these games for countless hours.

When I got older, board gaming wasn’t “cool” anymore. ..Some people did still role playing games,  but nobody of my friends was in board gaming, so that seemed like the end of the story.

The only game I kept playing all through the years was chess,  and I dare to say, I’m a pretty good player.

So the years passed by, and with a few exceptions of casual gaming (Settlers of Catan,  Carcassonne), I didn’t roll a die anymore.  But then, in my mid thirties,  my eyes where caught by three games. These games were the beginning of my second gaming career: Space Hulk, Zombies!!! and Arkham Horror. I immediately fell in love with the hobby again and realised that I rediscovered something that I was looking for many years without knowing how badly I was missing it.

My collection was growing rapidly as I discovered Boardgamegeek as an unbelievable valuable source for absolutely everything concerning boardgaming.

Inspired by calandales‘ fabulous playthrough videos, after a few years,  I decided to start my own YouTube channel,  focusing completely on solo gaming.

What I loved most about my YouTube experience was the feedback of all you people out there, and I realised what a great community there is.

As written above, this page was now created to share my everyday gaming experience with you and I hope that it will give us the opportunity to an even more regular contact.


If you wanna send me a private message,  you may contact me on BGG or YouTube.


  • Chris M. says:

    Just learned we have a lot in common. I’m part German, born in ’73, and an only child who spent a lot of time reading myths and fantasy novels as a kid. I also love playing solitare board games and Eldritch Horror is my favorite.

    I do wonder if me being an only child increased my affinity for playing board games solo. Cheers sir, keep up the good work!

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Johannes,
    As everyone else starts, I very much enjoy your videos for about a year or so. I got into a few games due to your channel…maybe spending more than I intended. Your present playthrough of Kingdom of Heaven is my first view of a card driven war game. I looked into other games as the Crusades isn’t a theme I am interested in. I purchased Hannibal and Hamilcar but I could not find ANY playthroughs on YouTube, only a bunch of reviews and unboxings. Do you have a copy of this? Would you be interested in starting a series on this?
    Jeff of Maine, USA

  • Jack says:

    Thanks for your play through videos, Johannes. I particularly enjoyed the Runebound series. Speaking of which:

    1. Where can I find the custom characters, please? (I assume somewhere on BGG site, not sure where though.)

    2. Unless I’m mistaken, you have played the base and all the expansions except the Mists of Zanaga. Do you have any plans to play through this last expansion?

    Thanks once again.

  • John says:

    Have you played Steve Jackson’s Knightmare Chess? Me thinks if you can find it you would like it. Also there is his cult favorite: Ogre, which is a solo game that you would create LOTS(!!!) of home rules for;)
    You have inspired me to start buying boardgames again, AND start finding people to play with.(Along with playing solo.)
    Have you seen This War of Mine? I don’t know if you are into serious ‘darkness’ but it is a solo game and brutally hard. I just bought it for $59us so it might be more where you live.
    As I,like many others, love your channel.
    Hope your well, peace.

  • Guy says:

    Hey! I want to thank you for your very thorough play through videos. Especially 7 Ages. I hope it is alright with you that I downloaded all 39 of the 7 Ages videos to watch offline and play/follow along. That must have been a very daunting task! I also have watched/followed along your series on Fields of Fire. Others too! I am passionate about history and science, and gaming/simulations. Game designers as Ekland, Sabin, Hull, etc., produce games with a strong imbedded theme and narrative of which many are my favorites. I too play mostly solo as family and others do not enjoy the depth and complexity of some game rules systems. Anyway. Keep up the great work! Peace…Guy

  • Robert Drum says:

    Good day kind sir. I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I would like to gift you a copy of Star Wars Rebellion, if that is a game you may be interested in. I feel it is the very least I could do considering all the entertainment you have provided me over the years.

    Take care!

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Hi Robert!
      That´s really a lovely and generous offer! Thanks a lot! However, although it´s not listed on the page, it´s already part of my collection, and I really love it.
      Thanks again 🙂
      Best wishes


  • Ron says:

    Enjoying your play through of Charlemagne. There is a very helpful list of errata, important rules, and charts posted on BGG by railroader. BTW, the Frankish player goes first! 🙂

    Keep up the good work,

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