Some changes in my collection

I`m selling right now a few boxes on ebay: Galxy Defenders with the expansions and two Kickstarter exclusive agents. After another try, I decided it´s simply not my game and games should be played, so I give it away. In addition I give away Ghost Stories and the White Moon expansion. Not a bad game, very beutiful, but I find it too frustrating mostly, and I don´t like the expansion at all. Galactic Strike Force also had to go: Big disappointment.

Now, in addition, I had some money left, so I did spend 400€ for four games, 370€ for three of them! I know it´s pretty crazy, but  these three are real gems!

The first one arrived today:





The second one, and the one I´m most excited about, arrived today from Spain!






Number three:


World at war box



And the last one…another Phil Eklund in my collection:


Greenland arrived