My CDG Solo Method

This method should help to make CDG´s more enjoyable for solo play. It is very much inspired by Stuka Joe´s CDG method.

For all the details, please check out this video.

Here is now an overview:

Every player is dealt the number of cards written in the rules and lined up in a row. (You might also built a small deck for each player)

Three of them are revealed. Now, you choose one of them to play. You role a black and a white die. If you role a 1-4 on the black die, play the card you´ve chosen.

If the black die shows a 5 or 6, you play one of the other two cards, depending on the number of the white die: on a 1-3, play the left card, on a 4-6, play the right card.

If you role doubles, you have to play the event of the leftmost card in the row (or the top card of the deck). If the event has no effect or cannot be played, play the card for the points instead.


For “reaction” or “surprise” cards: if an event occurs that would allow the play of a revealed “reaction” card, roll a die: on a 1 – 4 the card is played, on a 5 or 6 it remains in hand. If a player gets attacked, make sure he has always three cards revealed, so that there is an equal chance for a “reaction” card to show up.