Lobotomy custom scenario

These are ideas for a custom scenario that can vbe played instaed of the official ones, wich I often find very confusing. It needs more playtesting, but the games I did until now where all fun and very colse, so give it a shot! You´ll need the expansion though, at least to play the finale.

Make sure to have some player aids!



Escape the Asylum or kill the Warden or Cthulhu.


You want to find Artifacts equal to the player number.

To find an artifact you´ll have to search lockers. A character finds an artifact if he rolls seven successes. The plpayer has to announce that he is searching for an artifact and then roles seven dice, no matter what his imagination is. He then may trade seven successes for one artifact. Manipulating dice by spending sanity is not allowed. Players can also trade clue tokens for search successes. Picking up a clue token requires one action on a space with no monsters and a clue token.

If the artifacts are collected, players find an underground tunnel that leads to the exit. A From The Deep scenario has to be resolved where up tp three players take part. From that moment, killed players are out of the game. The moment players resolve the scenario, they all win the game. When the final scenario starts, players start a new turn.

The warden: Everytime the players kill an Elite or a Boss, the warden moves one space backwards. From the moment players enter the catacombs, if the warden would move from space 12, he enters the catacombs and fights the heroes instead. Once the heroes entered the catacombs, movement cards only indicate movement of the warden, all the rest is ignored. Once in the tunnel, players don´t have to kill the warden to win, as long as they fulfil the scenario,.

Star Symbols:  Green  – one clue token is spawned

Blue – Random Elite Monster is spawned. Never more than the number of players

Red – Role a die: on a 1-3 a random boss monster is spawned. Only once per game. Super boss monsters only have health equal to twice the number of players instead four times. If a boss monster is defeated, players gain one  artifact.



Follow the rules.  Determine on the non highlighted empty door spaces if there are doors. On a 5-6 this is the case.

Spawn 2 clues on every square (not on the same space)


Other rules: Guardians are spawned in a random corridor space, never inside a room. They are supposed to block the heroes.