This card game definitely covers a unique theme: Erosion!

It´s simple but clever: Two to five players use cards to erode their opponent´s mountains and to uplift their own. Each mountain consists of several cards, each representing a layer of a specific rock type (i.e. limestone, basalt, granite…). Different weathering process cards allow you to weather specific layers, other cards allow you to hillslope these layers. Finally, with fluvial processes, you´ll collect rocks from the river (a common card pool) for your personal river delta.

The more you affect mountains with eroding processes, the more your own mountain will uplift (scientifically that´s nonsense, but the mechanic works)…you can even give it specific features like glaciers or earthquake faults. There´ll be also events like supervolcanos or cometary bombardements.

In the end you´ll get points for the heighth of your mountain, the cards in your river delta and fossils in your mountain.

Additional challenge cards that you can download here, give you another option to score points.

The cards are of a bad quality, but the game is really good and deeper than it seems at first glance. If you wanna do well, you´ll have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Cool game for science nerds!

A playthrough can be found here.


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