Here I wanna take the occasion to say thank you to all you supporters of this page and my YouTube Channel.

Thank you Sergey for Talisman – The Harbinger expansion!


Another fantastic donation came from Justin…a few days later Churchill arrived 🙂


Thanks to Jim, I could get Antike Duellum, one of the few strategy games that covers the Greec Persian wars.


Some months ago, I received a generous donation from Mikkel, that made it possible to get a copy of Successors, wich is pretty hard to get here in Europe.



Then I wanna thank Tom and Jeremy: They have supported my channel for years now with great presents and encouraging words! Over the years we became friends and I´m really happy that you stayed with me!


I definitely have to start with Matti, who helped me with all the technical issues when creating this webpage. It would have been barely possible to do this without his help!



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