Runebound Variants

I use a lot of house rules in this game.

Setup: I usually play one adventure and add one challenge deck. For a single player, I think that not that many challenge tokens should be placed. I place 7 green/5 yellow/4 blue and 3 red tokens randomly on the board (because I like randomness). Whenever I draw an event card, I add 2 tokens of the colour, but never more than at the beginning. There should always be at least 1 token of each colour that you´re allowed to challenge on the board.

Solo rules: I use the wonderful solo rules of Mr. Skeletor, with some changes though.

For once, I like to simulate the market flow, wich is otherwise very low if you play solo: Whenever the Threat Track moves on, roll for each market card of the value of:

1-4     if only green cards have been challenged

1-8     if only green and yellow card have been challenged

1-15   if green, yellow and blue cards have been challenged

if you roll a 1-5, that card is discarded.

Whenever the Threat Track moves to an even number, after the procedure above, you add a market card to every city.


Midnight: I´m not a big fan of the Midnight solo variant of Mr. Skeletor, so I came up with this:

In general you follow the standard Runebound rules: Gold is included, no healing outside of cities, no patrols…

The only exception is the more difficult entrance to th cities, wich follows the Midnight rules.

The goal is to gain 4 points of the mirrors. You get a mirror by defeating a red challenge.

The Night Kings hoard the valuable items in their strongholds: Depending on the Threat Level, Items or Allies equal to or higher than a specific value will be placed in a random stronghold:

                               Item Value        Challenge

Level: 1-2               10+                      green

Level: 3-4                 8+                     yellow

Level: 5-6                 6+                     yellow

Level: 7-10               5+                      blue

 To enter a stronghold, players have to pass a sneak/climb or diplomacy test of 13 + the value of their most expensive item/ally. If they fail they´ll have to face a challenge of the colour following the table above. They won´t gain any reward or experience for this challenge. After they´ve passed the test or defeated the challenge, they can purchase the item/ally. Nothing else might happen in the market phase. there will never be more than one card in a stronghold. If another one must be placed there, discard the first.

If you enter a space adjacent to a stronghold, you´ll have to pass a sneak/climb or diplomacy test of 8+  the value of their most expensive item/ally. If you fail you´ll have to face a challenge of the colour following the table above. You won´t gain any reward or experience for this challenge.

Sands of Al Kalim: I also changed the rules a little here:

If I start movement in a city, I won´t get exhausted due to traveling.

If I roll the story dice a dune means the following: daytime…. you find a camel (max 3 camels)

     night……..roll a d 10: 7-10 ambush

I use a bigger sandstorm, wich is placed randomly at the beginning of the game. If it would leave the board, remove it and place it back on the board randomly next time it would be activated.

I also use the standard allies and place the new allies on the side. If an ally is drawn I roll a D 10. On 1-5 I replace that ally with a SoA ally.

If I use monsters from challenge decks I roll a D 10: on a roll of 1, they gain an additioanl lifepoint point if it´s day.

        on a role of 7-10 they gain an additional lifepoint if it´s night.



  • A lonesome Gamer says:

    Thanks Markus…so much to little time 🙁
    BUt it will be there one day!

  • Markus says:

    Very good solo rules! They’re working fine. Thank you.

    I hope, seeing a playthrough of “Sands of Al Kalim” in the near future on your famous youtube Channel. 🙂

    Greetings from Vienna.

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