Last Night on Earth Variants


Solitaire Rules



The setup is the same as in the normal rules, except that the Fight cards of the Zombie cards  are placed in an extra pile.

AI and cards:

The Zombie AI has a Hand limit of three (this is different to the playthrough where it was only two).  It draws from the normal Zombie card deck (not the Fight cards).

If it is possible to play a card from the hand it will do so.

If the AI draws  a card wich is triggered by an event that is controlled by the player (like “Last Night on Earth”, where the player decides to move the Heroes on the same space, or “Locked Door”, where the player tries to move through a door), the card is placed next to the board. If this event happens, the card is played on a roll of 1-8 on a D10. If there are more of the same card on the table, it is played right away (without rolling a die). The cards on the table do not count against the hand limit.

If the AI draws a card wich is triggered by an event that is not controlled by the player (like “I feel kinda strange”), it keeps it in the hand until it is allowed to play it.

If the AI isn´t allowed to draw new cards because of the hand limit, roll a D6: On a 5 or 6 one card is randomly discarded.

There are many cards that make sense only in special situations (like for example forcing the player to reroll a movement roll…) Just use these cards in a way that it hurts!

Before each fight, the Zombie rolls a die: on a 6 he draws a Fight card and plays it immediately.

Zombie Movement:

The “Hunger” still applies.

  1. Zombie moves to the closest If more are in same distance it moves to the one with less life left. If still a draw it´s after the one without a weapon or a special fight ability. Then random.
  2.  If there are

-only two targets left that are located on the board to complete the scenario

– targets are in equal or closer distance than the closest Hero

-there is only one or no other Zombie on that target space nor moving to that space

            Then the Zombie moves to the closest target and he doesn´t move away except for the  “hunger”


Grave Weapons

For every Zombie that enters the game on a Spawn point (not at the beginning of the game) roll a D10: On a 9 or 10 it comes in play with a Grave Weapon. Don´t remove any other Zombies for it.


Two other House Rules

Crawling Torso: Just moves one space. (Makes no sense to me, that she is faster…). Instead her ability of grabbing the heroes works on each adjacent space. Still she only attacks the heroes on her space.

Survival cards: The player is only allowed to draw a survival card on a movement roll of a 6. But then he can draw an additional Hero card.









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