Gears of War Variants


Random Level Generator

This level generator randomly generates the maps and enemies of a mission except for the last level.

Draw a random mission card.

Building the map: Remove the map cards from the last level of the mission from the card deck. You use them in the last level of your mission too. For the other levels (one or two…as you wish), simply draw map cards, until the current level has at least two tiles without a question mark and at least one tile with a question mark. Don´t use more then two big tiles. Tile number 17 is never used in the first two levels.

You´ll use the same number of general events as on the mission card, but simply draw them randomly for every level.

What kind of monsters you´ll encounter is also randomly determined, except for the last level, where you´ll face the same enemies as the mission card says.

A: Drone / Wretch / Lambert Wretch / Ticker / Grenadier / Flame Grenadier

B: Drone / Kantus / Ticker / Palace Guard

C: Theron Guard / Boomer / Butcher

Of course you have to use three different types of monsters and minis in each mission. ( The mission pack tells you to use specific minis for the new monsters. Of course you cannot have both types of monsters in the same mission).






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