Fortune and Glory Variants


Common Items

To avoid that always the same items are purchased in town, I draw the top three cards from the deck and then have to buy a single one of them (if I can afford it). The card “If I could just reach” that allows you to choose a card from the discard pile, allows you now in addition to buy a card for half the price (rounded up) from this discard pile.

New Danger cards

Here´s the link to Ninja Dorg´s fabulous deck of Danger cards.









  • Adrian Eledge says:


    I was just curious how you printed out all of the fan-made danger cards so that they would fit in with all of the cards in the base game?

    Thanks ahead of time!


    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      I simply printed them, glued them on a standard card deck and sleeved them. You feel the difference, but in this game, it really doesn’t matter. ..

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