Dark, Darker, Darkest Variants


You find the revised rules here.


I changed the setup a little, to make it a little easier:

I prepare the item deck following the designers suggestion to take 6 cards of every colour and remove the rest. This makes it more likely to gain different coloured items.

I use only 2 x 5 zombie markers and 1 x 6 zombie marker.

In addition I draw from a cup 4 “zombie with special abilities” markers and mix them with the others.

If one of the special zombie markers shows up, their number is only 1 D4. If the last of the special zombies is killed, the player who killed it may gain an item from the search deck.








  • sithknight19 says:

    I will definatly have to try this. I have tried over and over to win this game and only came to the end part once! lol.

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Same here. I also didn’t manage to win this yet. Still, with these houserules it feels a little less impossible.

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