Struggle for the Galactic Empire

struggle for the galactic empire


I´ve just tried this one once and stopped very soon. It’s a pure solo game. The nice looking map covers an entire galaxy. You´re trying to defend the galactic empire against foes from within and without. All kind of random events happen that you have to deal with. I have to give this another shot before I can write more about it.








  • Leobyn says:

    I’ve tried this game two times. I didn’t get very far into the game both times. It was late at night and I was tired and couldn’t concentrate. I did like the way the game worked. Very random indeed! I watched a Youtube playthrough video by Calandale. It was helpful in learning to play the game. He gives his insight and opinions but also explains the rules.

    Have you ever tried Space Empires 4x? I have been interested in this game, but I own quite a few PC 4x games that I still play often, so I’m reluctant to purchase the board game (though I really enjoy board game more than computer games these days).

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Yes, I´ve seen the videos. He doesn´t seem to happy wtih the game too.
      I´ve tried SE, but didn´t enjoy it. So much bookkeeping and it´s the usual arms race that goes on forever with some big battle in the end. Not my kind of game. I prefer Eclipse a lot….

      • Leobyn says:

        I am a solo gamer, so I haven’t gotten Eclipse. It is a game I really want to play I hear such good things about it. I do have the iOS version. I need to get past the tutorial.

        • A lonesome Gamer says:

          You really should try it. It´s pretty euro, but here that doesn´t bother me at all, because the theme really shines through! You cannot play it solo with one faction (alothough there is a variant on BGG I think), but it´s great playing more factions at the same time!

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