Power Grid


Power Grid

In Power Grid, players control an electricity company. It’s a very successful game for two to four players. One of my few real euros. By auctioning, players will buy power plants of different efficiency and type: coal, oil, nuclear or ecological ones. On a dynamic market,  you will then buy the resources to power them. Each plant can provide energy for a specific number of cities,  wich are connected to the player’s power grid. Players also try to enlarge their grid in competition with the others. In the end,  the player with the most money wins. Although it’s clearly a multiplayer game, you’ll find a nice solo variant here.





There are also lots of new maps available,  like China, Korea, France, Benelux and others:


Power Grid France               Power grid Benelux            Power grid China




Power Grid plants

This is jut a deck with alternative power plants.










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