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Fortune and Glory Cover


Fortune and Glory is a game for one to eight players, wich can be played competitive or cooperative. I have only played the coop variant, so I´ll write about this. Players try to collect mystical artifacts that are scattered all over the world. They have to complete adventures by successfully doing skill tests. A simple dice rolling mechanic  is utilized here.

Players are not the only ones that hunt for the artifacts though…dark villain organisations, the Mobsters and the Nazis, have also sent their minions to find the precious and powerful pieces and if they should gain them first, they´re not gonna use them for any good. But players can work together on adventures, wich improves their odds significantly. In addition to the artifact, they will gain glory for completing adventures, wich they can use in cities to buy gear and hire allies.

The time for the heroes is limited: when the villains find an artifact, a “villain track” moves ahead. If this reaches a specific number, players lose.

The game is fantasic: it´s very thematic and intense: adventures, events, fights….a lot of things are going on. The components are top notch: tons of cards and minis.

In the base game, I miss a little more danger cards for the adventures though…luckily there are great expansions and also great fan made stuff.

I absolutely love this game!!

A playthrough is here.




Treasure Hunters

This expansion adds more characters and cards of every type. Players now have the option to explore the docks of seaports, wich can be pretty risky though. Introduced are now epic events: for the big cities there are now tables with specific events …they are used if players draw the “Just a normal day in the city” event card. You´ll find the playthrough here




Rise of the Crimson Hand Cover

In addition to cards of all types, we see a new vile organization: the mysterious order of the Crimson Hand. The order uses its dark knowledge to gain more powerful with every atifact they discover, wich makes them an extremely dangerous enemy!





Fortune and Glory Danger Pack 1

Just a few more cards…






  • Mark says:

    Johannes, have you played Crimson Hand yet and, if so, what is your opinion? FOG has always been in the genre of game that I like, however, the crazy randomness of the events like finding a nightclub in the middle of the jungle or quicksand in the mountains, for example, was a turn off for me thematically. Have the new event tables corrected this some? Will we likely see a play through for Crimson Hand?

    • A lonesome Gamer says:

      Yes, I did play it and enjoyed it. But these Epic City Events don´t change the general problem: They only occur in cities and only on rare occasions.
      I try to think of these dangers as part of a big adventure, so the night club might be somewhere on the way to the adventure site in the jungle…for me this mostly works (although some things just seem too weird), but I absolutely understand your concern.

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