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There is only one word for this game: EPIC

You´re controlling civilizations on a great looking huge world map from the dawn of history till today. Usually a player controls two or three civilizations at the same time. You´ll see them rise and fall. You have to learn when it is the right time to let an old civilization go and start a new one with higher expectations.

Players are trying to score points and each civilization has different requirements to do so. Some wanna be big, some rich, others wanna control specific areas or need to spread a specific religion into the world. You might need the biggest fleet or the most crop.

You will see military actions but not too many, simply because empires can only support a limited number of units and you need to leave units in conquered areas (like in Risk). You will trade with your neighbours and maybe adept their religion. You´ll see dozens of important characters of history, the big inventions, but also catastrophies and revolutions. Cities will be found and destroyed. It´s all in there!

Components are fine though it lacks a mounted map.

The artwork of the cards looks good, maybe a little confusing at the beginning.

The rules are a little confusing and there are a lots of things to look up during the game.

The problem is the playtime: You´ll need a whole day and at least 4-5 people that are willing to do this beast with you. There´s no chance for me to get that on the table with other players. There´s no real solo variant, so I´m playing 5 players, wich takes a very long time (days to weeks). There´s more about how I solo this here.

Still: This is one of the most fascinating games I´ve ever played and the only game that gives you REALLY the feel that you witness the history of the entire world.

A playthrough is here.













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